Community Care

DemDx empowers nurses and AHPs to work to the top of their licences, saving more patients from a hospital admission.

All clinically trained staff across a community organisation can use the DemDx platform to take on more clinical responsibility in a safe and confident way.

DemDx will support nurses and AHP’s (paramedics, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, physician associates etc.) to confidently assess and treat a broad range of patients, allowing them to help more patients, more effectively.

Primary Care

Free up GP time

All clinically trained staff in a GP practice, including your community practitioners can use the DemDx platform to take on more clinical responsibility in a safe and confident way. 

Electronic medical record concept image

DemDx guides the clinician from presenting complaints, through associated symptoms, to a running list of differential and management plans.  Clinic/pathway specific actions can be set by local clinical teams, ensuring consistency and quality of patient care.

Clinical staff are able to find all the information they need in one place, with links to national clinical guidelines (NICE CKS) and excellent media images (e.g. ulcers, rashes etc.) – saving clinician time. DemDx also produces its own comprehensive, auditable record, improving consultation notes and clinical safety.

Using DemDx increases the range of conditions that can be seen and independently managed by nurses and AHPs, therefore diversifying workforce opportunities across community care services and easing workforce shortages.

  • Empowers multi-disciplinary rapid response teams (nurses and AHPs – physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, paramedics, physician associates etc.) to confidently take on more clinical responsibility and to save more patients from needing a hospital admission.

  • Supports nursing and paramedic teams working in urgent treatment centres to assess and treat more complex illness patients, without recourse to doctors.

  • Gives district nursing teams more confidence in assessing and treating patients in their homes.

  • Enables school nursing/custodial setting teams to manage more patients without recourse to external health services.

  • Reduces the number of inappropriate referrals – referral pathway information is locally tailored by you, within DemDx. By using DemDx as part of the consultation process, community providers have achieved 66% more adherence to local referral pathways.