Secondary Care

Improve your patient pathways.

DemDx’s clinical reasoning platform supports nurses and allied health professionals (AHPs) to take on more clinical responsibility.

DemDx will empower your nurses and AHPs (nurses, paramedics, physician associates, pharmacists, physiotherapists, optometrists etc) to confidently assess and treat a broader range of patients, freeing up doctor time.

Our medically certified, AI-powered clinical reasoning platform helps improve overall clinical care by supporting nurses, optometrists, paramedics, physician associates and other allied health professionals to take on more clinical responsibility, order tests, make referrals which in turn frees up doctors’ time for more complex cases.

  • Increase nurse-led assessment and treatment
    Nurses can assess and, with the platform’s support, initiate investigations which improves patient care and their overall experience.
  • Maximise doctor and consultant time efficiency
    By empowering nursing staff to undertake assessment and recommendations for the onward care of patients, doctors and consultants’ time is optimised (15% more time based on independent research).
  • Improve consistency and quality of patient care
    When using DemDx, nurses and AHPs will be working to standardised local pathways (customisable by the local clinical team), and referencing nationally accepted clinical guidelines (NICE). This more structured approach improves clinical quality, patient safety and pathway adherence (66% more based on independent research),especially in areas with high use of agency staff.
  • More motivated, supported staff
    Using DemDx, nurses and AHPs feel more confident and better supported by their hospital trust. This reduces stress and increases loyalty (75% of nurses using DemDx experienced less stress).
  • Reduce patient waiting times
    With nurses and AHPs working more effectively, patient flow is faster through the service